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How to shop sustainably on a budget

We know the words "eco-friendly", "sustainable", and "ethical" have been used too many times by brands. Some of them are even abusing the words just to capture people's attention and they are notorious for capitalizing profits. Is H&M conscious really sustainable? How is it produced? Does it use organic fabrics? If so, how?

Clean Clothes Only can assure you that we offer more ethical or sustainable purchase for the world. On our social media, we often publish behind the scenes of how we produce the garments and there will be a hanging tag attached from the Carvico or any of the sustainable companies produce such fabric.

There are many good sustainable brands out there, we hope you end up choosing the ones you like and support. We have listed few points below for you to consider before buying:

Avoid fast fashion

Avoid them with all cost. No matter how much effort being put to reduce the emission, fast fashion will always be fast fashion. It is made for profit, and nothing else.

Look for small business brands

Small business cannot afford huge quantity production therefore the system automatically becomes custom production which is good for environment. These brands usually produce very little waste and specialize in custom design. Plus the price is affordable to larger audience and they offer discounts. It is a great option to look different.

Online presence and stockists

Brands that are online are definitely more aware of the surrounding and its competitors. They constantly produce new pieces. The list of stockist will dictate the brand's sell-ability and product's value. Look at how many people are wearing the clothes.

Garment care labels and material

It is very important to understand where is the garment produced. If it is made from Bangladesh, then it is very likely the working condition is poor and made by low pay workers. Again, it depends on the brand and the designer. It is a red flag to buy brands that do not have care label.

Be sure to check out the video below, if the brands have met the criteria:

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